Why Order Men’s Polo shirts?

Polo shirts have been relevant for many seasons. From year to year, fashionistas and women of fashion replenish their wardrobe with this product. It is versatile, so it can be worn by both men and women. You can order men’s polo shirts online from well-known manufacturers at an affordable price. However, before going shopping, it is worth getting to know this masterpiece of the textile industry better.

Why order polo shirts?

The thing got its unusual name from the popular sport of polo, which originated in the sixth century BC in Persia. The model has several distinctive features:

  • shortened sleeve;
  • stand-up collar;
  • sleeve cuffs;
  • three or four buttons on the front;
  • breast pocket (it is not in classic products);
  • the manufacturer’s logo in the form of a patch;
  • only natural cotton without synthetic additives is used for sewing;
  • suitable for office, daily use and business meetings.

The main thing when buying is to choose a model that fits perfectly into your image. Therefore, decide in advance with what and when you plan to wear a polo.

Advantages of Men’s polo shirts:

Polo can be ordered inexpensively, but this is not the main advantage of the thing. The advantages of a shirt include the following points:

  • With its help, you can create a huge variety of looks suitable for any life situation;
  • High-quality materials, perfect fit, unusual silhouette accentuates a slender figure;
  • The polo contains a minimum of decorative details, but at the same time looks fashionable and elegant.

There are many varieties of polo shirt styles, so choosing the best option is not difficult.


Among the wide assortment, the following models can be distinguished, which are in the greatest demand among consumers:

  1. Classic: It is very difficult to find such an option, since manufacturers compete in originality and try to add various elements to shirts;
  2. With long sleeve: Suitable for cold days;
  3. short-sleeve: The most popular model because men’s tank tops does not constrain movement and looks good on men with an athletic build.

How to order men’s tank tops or polo T-shirt: Shopping Rules

  • Examine the wrong side, inside and outside seams. Clear and even lines indicate the high quality of the product, but it is better to refuse to purchase goods with uneven seams;
  • Pay attention to the material. Fleecy or rough fabric rolls quickly, thin fabric can tear at any time. The ideal option is combed yarn, which is made from expensive cotton varieties. The fabric is thin and delicate to the touch, but very durable;
  • To determine the quality of the yarn, stretch the item a little and look through it at the light. Good quality fabric allows it to pass evenly;
  • Make sure the shirt is sewn symmetrically. To do this, fold it in half and compare the length of the sleeves. If one of them is shorter than the other (even by a few millimetres), you should not buy such a product. After the first wash, it will shrink even more, and the asymmetry will be noticeable to the naked eye.

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