The culture of giving has not ceased, rather it seems to be booming. The gift industry is worth millions of dollars with room for even more growth. The only difference is that online gift stores are now replacing the more traditional physical stores. Physical stores have a lot more to gain when they have an online store.

There are various small gifts you can get for your loved ones such as jewelry, clear crystals, clothes, art pieces and others.

Online stores keep the operational cost of keeping a physical store open down and it is also now easy to ship products all over the world. From the comfort of their homes, consumers can now order various things from a variety of online stores and have them delivered to their homes without stress and at minimal cost. As it is no longer news that the world is advancing technologically at an exponential rate, it is only prudent for stores to take their business online. This is a comprehensive list of stores available to cater to your needs:

  1. Poketo: This store is perfect for you if you are very interested in art and style. It has a very wide variety of commodities fashioned from common, quality items. The main gift items available at the store are stationery, decor and fashionable, affordable clothing items for people of all ages. Poketo also offers free shipping for orders above $100.
  2. Buy Olympia: This site is also perfect for the art enthusiast. It is the perfect choice for someone obsessed about art. The items available at Buy Olympia are not pricey and shoppers within the United States get to enjoy a shipping flat rate of $5 for most of the goods available. Buy Olympia brings together independent artists from around the United States.
  3. Design Boom: Design Boom is already known for its poular magazine which is read by people all over the world. The items available on their online store are divided into seven groups which include: art, toys, office, outdoor, technology, fashion, and leisure. There are various price groups for different items to suit the financial capabilities of different people.
  4. Apartment 48: In the interior decor business, Apartment 48 is well known and it is publicized in the media. It’s online store is being featured in Elle Décor, InStyle, Vogue, and the Architectural Digest. For your decor style gifts, Apartment 48 is your go-to store.
  5. Boarding Pass: Boarding Pass is a New York based online store that sells tasteful bags which make for ideal gift items. The bags available are one of a kind that see sure to help the wearer make a stylish statement. You can get duffle bags, backpacks and briefs with all kinds of unique designs and free shipping anywhere in the United States for orders above $49.
  6. Catbird: If you are looking got glamour and sophistication, then Catbird is your go-to store. If what you want is a piece of tasteful jewelry like a diamond ring or a pearl necklace, then Catbird should be your first store. All their items exude an air of elegance and sophistication. Plus, when you sign up for their mailing list, you get a 10% discount on your first order.
  7. Vinebox: This store caters to wine lovers all over the world. The quality of their wines and service speaks for itself as seen in the various mentions of Vinebox in Glamour Magazine, Business Insider, Wine Spectator, and the Fashion Times. The wines available are some of the very best available and prove satisfactory to the most discerning pallettes.
  8. Mama Lima: Originally known for working closely with the Harry Potter franchise, Mama Lima has now moved into the e-commerce space. Mama Lima built a reputation as the best store to be patronized when looking to surprise a Harry Potter fan. There are now various gift items available at Mama Lima and they are also very affordable.
  9. Garmentory: Garmentory is also a popular attire gift store. As the new kid in the block, it arrived in 2014 and breathed new life into the attire business. As seen from the more than satisfactory reviews from their numerous customers, it is obvious that this store has a very deep understanding of the best and hottest fashion trends.
  10. Amazon: This store needs no introduction. As the largest online store, Amazon has built a very strong reputation among customers. There are thousands of gift items being added to the site on a daily basis and the prices are competitive. Amazon also offers free shipping.

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