Can a cocktail ring be used as an engagement ring?

Big and shiny engagement rings are just a very popular thing now. People are willing to express their wealth and financial standard through their rings. Cocktail rings are also gaining a lot of importance. As the fashion and trends are evolving, rings being chosen for an engagement are coming in many varieties. For instance, cocktail rings are exclusively being worn as engagement rings. So, all of the questions you might have regarding cocktail rings will be in here. It’s basically a cocktail rings vs engagement ring article.

What is a cocktail ring?

A cocktail ring is a huge ring with a large precious stone of your choice in the middle, and the big stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds or other types of stones. A cocktail ring is very vibrant and elegant at the same time, which makes it a good choice as an engagement ring as well. Cocktail rings are the closest things to Halo rings.

A brief history of cocktail rings

Cocktail rings came into existence in 1920 in america. The drink cocktail was only being provided at illegal parties. This was done to keep the low-quality of the drink as is. Ladies from wealthy families and independent women showed off their self-supportiveness and prosperity.  And this is why cocktail rings were vibrant, big and prominent, so that you remember its beauty even when you are blind drunk. A cocktail is a gold ring with a large and precious stone in the centre surrounded by small diamonds. In the present day, cocktail rings are pretty hard to find, but a Halo ring makes the closest resemblance to a cocktail ring.

What are cocktail rings now? 

A cocktail ring cannot just be defined based on its size, then what is a cocktail ring in the present day.The main feature of a cocktail ring is to be vibrant, large and the foremost quality is to be striking. While the old cocktail rings were composed of one large stone and other small diamonds, now, the ring is including more and more large stones. Wearing a cocktail ring can change the look of any dress you are wearing. How many carats for an engagement ring are willing to have, if it’s around 5 to 6 carats then a cocktail ring or Halo ring with a blue sapphire in between will be amazing.

The complete design of cocktail rings is being transformed nowadays by including more and more large stones. But if you want something elegant for your engagement ring then a Halo ring closely resembles the old model of cocktail rings, they are a lot more simpler.

Conclusion: There are many types and styles in cocktail rings and a few of them can do a good job as an engagement ring. But most of them are not suitable for being an engagement ring and give out more like a cocktail party vibe. As long as you put one(just one ladies) large stone like sapphire in the middle and surround it with some small diamonds, it will work best as an engagement ring.

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