5 New Terms And Their Meanings That You Might Encounter When You Vape

Vaping is the new go-to solution for people who want to stop smoking tobacco products and switch to something that is a lot healthier and it is something that they can control and regulate. The unfortunate thing about smoking is that it is not the nicotine that is causing health problems, but the other chemicals that are contained within the cigarettes themselves. The tar and the harmful additions stop the tobacco from burning down so quickly, but they have a detrimental effect on people’s lives. The nicotine is what people crave and with vaping, you get your nicotine hit but without all the other harmful additions.

Most people can start off with a starter kit and you will find these in your local vape shop. It contains everything that you need to get started including the e-liquid, the coil and battery and the mouthpiece that you suck through. There are so many flavours to choose from like vanilla, your favourite ice cream, to mint and citrus that smell amazing. The e-liquids come in different levels of nicotine and if you are new to vaping, then it is best to start off with a low dose and go from there.

As a newbie, when you visit your local vape shop in Australia, you are going to come across quite a bit of terminology that isn’t in your vocabulary yet. The following are some new words that you might hear and their meaning.

  1. Clouds is a word that you can probably figure out yourself when it comes to vaping, but if it still remains a mystery, then let me explain. It is the resultant smoke that comes after you take your hit on the vape device. Also known as ‘vapor clouds’, you will notice these anywhere a vaper is present.
  1. The ‘throat hit’ is the terminology used to describe the feeling that one feels in the back of their throat when they take their hit from the vape device. Depending on your nicotine level and your choice of flavours, the throat hit will vary in intensity. It is a very mild irritation but most vapers enjoy it and consider it to feel quite pleasant. It is one of the reasons that they continue to vape.
  1. Vape Mods is a vape pen that can be modified with a different battery, a tank or a different coil. Vape Mods are generally used by the more experienced vapers out there who want to add to their already great experience.
  1. The ‘clearomiser’ is the word used to describe a tank that you can see through. The benefits are obvious as it allows you to see how much you have left in the tank and whether or not you need to add to it. It is incredibly convenient and useful.
  1. ‘Steeping’ is a word that you probably won’t hear at the beginning of your vaping experience because it is a term used by seasoned users. It refers to the mixing of the vape juices and then letting it sit for a time to allow it to ferment a little.

Hopefully, these explanations will help you better understand the vape experience and make it a more pleasurable one for you.

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